October 22, 2009

Antichrist Movie and Petition

We just received an e-mail asking us to sign a petition against a movie named “Antichrist.” From early reviews, it appears to be another ultra-gory horror film in the line of others like Hostel and Saw. Apparently, this is what people want to see, or at least enough that the producer expects to profit by it. But they profit more if we help publicize it. Of course, a real Christian does not want to give their money to it, and neither does a devout Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh, Sufi, etc. But let’s ignore this one. They hoped to get us to provide controversy by the title, but it is the same as a lot of other movies and not worth the trouble. Here is the petition text:

You won’t believe Hollywood’s latest assault on our tender and impressionable children: It’s a movie called ANTICHRIST coming out this month (October). This sexually graphic movie contains mutilations and dark perversions along with a wicked worldview.

And we are working hard to make sure that it receives the NC-17 rating it deserves and not an R by the Motion Picture Associates of America (MPAA). Sign the Petition to force the MPAA to be accountable.

Here’s why NC-17 rating is so critical:

• An R rated movie easily makes its way to the cinema in your local neighborhood. Thankfully, many local cinemas still won’t show the movie if it’s NC-17.

• An R rated movie stands a chance to make more money than NC-17 and this will only encourage some producers in Hollywood to make more vile movies like this.

• And most importantly, children under 17 cannot get into movies with an NC-17 rating, unlike R rated movies, which admit them.

 Wicked worldview? Just about every movie contains this. Please, please, just leave this movie to die and go to DVD, as it was destined to do. There is no reason to give the enemy free publicity.





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