August 30, 2009

Are UPC Bar Codes the Mark of the Beast?

Some examples that may help


Many individuals on the web have claimed that one of the product bar coding systems (UPC) is actually the “Mark of the Beast” prophesied in the Book of Revelation. The following page contains excerpts from one of these sites, e-mails exchanged with the author of a site making such a claim, a link to a site that teaches bar code reading, and images of actual bar codes.

If you are one of the unfortunate people that believes these sites, at least try to read this site on bar codes first:

If you already understand binary codes, you may wonder why the UPC codes seem “strange.” It looks like the designers planned on introducing A – Z at some point. Also, the UPC can be read from either direction, and having left and right hand codes gives the reader the “hint” it needs about which end of the code it is reading from.

Before we start, ask yourself this question: Did Jesus use lies in proclaiming the Gospel? If not, should we trust people that rely on deception to further their agendas?

Now, since you know how to read the bar codes, let’s take a look at the claims.

Some “bar code” Sites

All the claims of these sites revolve around the “three hidden sixes” in the UPC code. It doesn’t seem to matter that what they say is “666” may actually be (if you believe their binary interpretation) 671890861444736. That’s right, in their way of thinking, you are supposed to ignore the numbers that are visible and just read the “hidden” ones.

On most packages, the UPC code will have three pairs of lines at the start, middle, and end. These are not actually read as numbers but rather are used to adjust the reader for orientation and size of UPC. If you were to read them as binary, they would be “101,” which as we know is the number five, not six (“110” in binary). So the numbers they claim as sixes are actually fives, if you must read them as numbers rather than timing marks. Here is a quote from an e-mail I received regarding UPCs:

True, the creators of the UPC can say that they are not 6s, but we can all
see that they are indeed just like the 6s on the right half of the UPC. So,
why do you believe what the creators say and not what you see with your own
eyes? Don’t you realize that the creators have to slip in a 666 with some
alternative explanation to fool you into thinking they are not 6s at all?

Sure enough, a six on the right side of a UPC has two thin lines in it. But if you remember, the lines and spaces count (as ones and zeroes) and each number is made up of seven binary places. A six on the left side looks different (it is actually a negative of the right side) so why would the two thin lines on the left count as a six? The rule here seems to be that any two thin lines count as a six. I questioned this, and got this response from the same person:

Now don’t get carried away. We can share the gospel while also being careful
to identify the skincode system. Why did God put it in the Bible if He
didn’t want us to identify it? So, then, it is not a waste of time. In fact,
the onset of the mark, and it’s early detection, can surely work to bring
people to a stronger faith, and even initial salvation. My chapter has
strengthened many believers’ faith.

When pressed further about his use of deception and poor binary skills, he responded:

I didn’t tell any lies. There are 3 standard sixes on the UPC, no matter
what anyone says.

At this point, there is not use trying to respond. Other sites, as you will see below, even claim that people in the Midwest are already being marked!

As an aside, think of what this means from a Christian perspective. These “UPC conspiracy” sites are saying that God will condemn people for bearing a UPC with “hidden numbers.” Does this sound like the Father that gave His only Son? Ironically, many of these people also profess a belief in “once saved, always saved.” If this is true, how can a UPC code cause the loss of Salvation?

Now, let’s just say I’m part of the conspiracy, and I’m trying to fool you. What is the logical thing to do? Learn to read the codes, get into the kitchen and start decoding. I’ve scanned the codes from three products that end in three black bars, not two, but the UPC sites claim they all end in two. Of course, you could just ignore one line. Anyway, here are three UPCs for your analysis: 040131444703767

To be honest, this page is a complete waste of time. So many Christians get caught up in foolish diversions like bar codes and numerology, and it is all but impossible to free them from their illusions. If you’ve read this far, you probably already know this is foolishness. I guess it just bugged me to see so many lies told in the name of Jesus. Maybe they are true children of Martin Luther, who counseled “a good, strong lie for the sake of the Christian Church.” (to Landgrave Philipp of Hesse, 1540, advised by Martin Luther to commit bigamy and then lie about it.)

This is the worst page on this site. Please go read one of the better ones. Or you can read our page that helped start the whole thing: Refuse the Mark.

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Quotes and Claims

Already Required?

“Bar codes, such as these, have already appeared in some Midwestern stores. According to researchers: the F – is for FOREHEAD, and the H – is for HAND! And according to researchers, the purchaser must have a mark in their right hand or forehead before purchasing!


Claims microchip is the mark of the beast and is going to be put on your hand or forehead, but repeats the same lies about the UPC meaning, too.

Aussie Skeptics

This is not a problem site. They do a good job of exposing false claims made by frauds posing as Christians. Got a very nice mail back from them, too.

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