August 30, 2009


 Few Links and Notes – Last Modified April 26, 1999

I’ve had to revise this page because the readership was different than expected. Actually, I didn’t have a clear idea of the audience and that may been the problem.

If you do not wish to read views which differ from your own, please use the “back” button now or close your browser. One atheist complained that this page “attacked her beliefs.” Yes, she really said “beliefs.” Don’t read the following if you feel threatened by other people’s philosophies or religions. The author is not responsible for whatever happens to the reader. Spiritually and philosophically explicit material may follow. Those under 18 should obtain permission from their parents before reading.

If, on the other hand, you are feeling depressed, lonely, angry, bitter or like an outcast, read on. If you feel like something that got stuck in someone’s eye, read on. If you have no purpose in life or are suicidal, read on.

This page came about because of three things:

1) I’ve run into a lot of atheist/agnostic pages on the web. I wasn’t looking for them and they were all bitter and mostly arrogant. I wondered why.

2) I sometimes listen to “talk radio.” The atheistic hosts are also bitter and arrogant.

3) All the atheists I’ve met (in person or through the internet) have been bitter and arrogant, except the younger ones. They are over confident, prideful and dependent on what they refer to as a “mountain of evidence” that God does not exist, but when pressed, they can’t produce a single fact as proof. Christianity doesn’t claim a “mountain of evidence” for God’s existence. Only a relationship.

At this point, it appears that the reader is more likely to be an atheist or agnostic. If so, the following preface is for you:

If God doesn’t exist, everything comes down to the Laws of Physics and Chaos. Every feeling you have is simply the result of chemical reactions stemming from various random events governed by physical laws. This page was randomly generated, and so are you. If no one created what we call the Universe, no one had a purpose and no one has a purpose. This is nihilism, and it is suicidal.

I can’t argue you into faith. I hope the following makes you think and makes you doubt your ideas about life, God, joy, love. Everything said here is coming from my context, since no one “knows” absolute truth. Because atheism denies the existence of God, it must also deny truth/lies, free will, justice, or any purpose to life. If God does not exist, everything that is must be, at best, the result of chaos. Every thought you have, including the denial of God, must be the result of chance. Therefore everything everyone believes is without any real meaning. You will do whatever your conditioning dictates, and you have no more choice in the matter than a tree or cat. If you don’t believe this, you are having doubts about atheism. I suggest some reading of atheistic authors, such as Nietzsche. There can be no meaning to life in a truly random universe, just a probability that you will hold certain opinions.

Love? Forget it. An atheist can feel love, but knowing it is just chemistry kind of spoils the fun. Mothers only “love” their children because of instinct: it has no meaning. If you think atheists are capable of love born of free will, let’s see the lab results proving the existence of “free will.” All you can prove is the existence of endorphins, adrenaline, and stimulus/response.

On the other hand, I believe everyone is capable of love, and all unconditional love is the product of free will and divine life. Love is the highest expression of humanity because love is what created us. Love is being true to ourselves as created by God. He loved us first, and we both desire and are commanded to imitate God. When we love, we are in intimate contact with the Creator of the Universe, because any love we give is actually coming from God and flowing through us. All love puts us in contact with God.

You are loved. Here is what is strange: right now, there are millions of Christians around the world praying for you, and loving you. If you find them, you will be accepted and loved, no matter what you look like, listen to, read, or do. There are lots of Christians that won’t love you because they don’t know how yet. Many of them will learn how. Perhaps you will help them learn, and that will be painful. The ones that love you will help. This sounds really weird, but it is true.

I was living in a rural area shortly after the Apollo 11 Moon landing. Some people there were certain it never happened: they believed it was faked by Hollywood. These people prided themselves on being too smart to be fooled. I’ve noticed a similarity among atheists: they appeal to their own intelligence as proof: “they are too smart to believe.” Time will tell.

That’s all I have to say for now. Hopefully it does some good, but here it is until something better comes along. Write to me if you want. Christianity is almost too strange and outrageous to describe, but I’ll try. Or, you can look at the rest of this site. Thank you for reading this far.

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