January 1, 1970

Catholic Doctrine Survey

Catholic Doctrine Survey


From the NCD†, Chapter V

† National Catechetical Directory, “Sharing the Light of Faith”, from the United States Catholic Conference

Copyright 1998 William E. Rushman


This is not a test, but a survey of your knowledge of basic Catholic teachings.  There is no score and it is not corrected.  If you are unsure of the answer, please put something, and then share your questions with your teacher, sponsor, spiritual director, or pastor.  Another suggestion is to look in the new “Catechism of the Catholic Church.”


Part I

Choose the answer you think is most correct, although more than one of the answers may be correct.

1.   The Trinity is

      A)  A mystery.

      B)  Three persons in one God.

      C)  Our three Gods.

      D)  Jesus, Mary and Joseph.


2.   God is

      A)  all-good.

      B)  just and merciful.

      C)  infinitely wise.

      D)  perfect.            

      E)   All of the above.


3.   The universe was

      A)  always here.

      B)  made from cosmic dust.

      C)  created by God out of nothing.

      D)  created and destroyed over and over again.


4.   Why were we made?

      A)  So God would have worshipers.

      B)  So we could be glorified in Jesus Christ.

      C)  To know, love and serve God.

      D)  God was lonely.


5.   Generally, we come to know God through

      A)  human reasoning.

      B)  visions and ecstatic prayer.

      C)  through created things and people.

      D)  A & C.


6.   Our final goal must be

      A)  Heaven and the vision of God.

      B)  Faith in God.

      C)  Union with God.

      D)  To be rewarded for our good acts.

      E)   Other.


7.   Jesus became human

      A)  through Mary.

      B)  in appearance only.

      C)  just like everyone else.

      D)  once, but isn’t now.


8.   Jesus is

      A)  dead.

      B)  a great moral teacher.

      C)  the only means of salvation.

      D)  a man like us in all things.


9.   Jesus came to

      A)  judge us.

      B)  teach us.

      C)  save us.

      D)  save the good people only.


10. Jesus will

      A)  come again to judge us.

      B)  wait for us in Heaven.

      C)  punish our enemies.

      D)  come again to take us to Heaven.


11. Jesus is

      A)  both fully human and fully God.

      B)  a man who became God.

      C)  God, not a man at all.

      D)  only human, not God.


12. We

      A)  can’t be like Jesus.

      B)  are supposed to be “little Christs.”

      C)  must learn the words of Jesus.

      D)  are to live as Jesus lived.


13. The Holy Spirit

      A)  continues the work of Jesus in the world.

      B)  keeps us from getting sick.

      C)  saves us.

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