September 25, 2009

Catholics and the Health Care Debate

This may be revised as time permits, but a few thoughts:

Faithful Catholics continue to be confused by our leaders. The Church has consistently taught that abortion is evil, but our leaders, even the same bishops that published the Catechism in the U.S., are backing a plan that finances abortion and will not respect the consciences of Catholic doctors or hospitals. Here is an article from the Wall Street Journal and some responses here (these open in a new window).

Personally, I have turned down work that involved cloning and in-vitro fertilization because I cannot assist in what the Church teaches as morally wrong. Apparently, the bishops and priests mentioned in the article are comfortable supporting abortion funding. Those under their care should ask them why, and if the answers are not acceptable, write to Rome. It is time to stop putting up with leaders who do not accept the teachings of the Church: on upholding the teachings, sexual conduct, or respect for life.

For the record, we should support a government solution that provides health care in some form for those who cannot afford it, while allowing those who do not want it to decline coverage, even though they must still contribute to the care of the poor. At the same time, we cannot advocate tax dollars for abortions, nor can we increase the government’s control over who lives and dies. We need a simpler solution, not the big bang, just something that meets the needs of the poor in a minimal way at first, and then increase the scope as the system proves itself. But our health care proposal is another article.

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