September 5, 2009

Gluttony 1

Thanks for this site. As a person who is tormented by a spirit of gluttony I am suffering the effects this sin has on others and the way it affects me. I suffer the misery it inflicts and I can see how it feels about itself. It hates to be alone and ugly and wishes others to be just like it. The sin is a humiliation to us all and has casused so many accidents I hate it and the body form it takes. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

None of the seven are very attractive, but at least we can have compassion for each other, knowing how afflicted we are. Let us pray for each other. It has helped me to know we are each given the Grace we need to overcome these bad habits, and that it is entirely up to us to accept the help and life we are offered. May we all do better!

Thanks for emailing and I will take whatever help comes my way. I suffered without taking part and I dont hold that against anyone I just know for myself that it was not a good feeling and it hated that. I’m thankful for the prayers and I’m glad there are persons like you.

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