September 16, 2009

Gluttony and Lust

On Wed, Sep 16, 2009 at 3:48 AM,  a guest wrote:
thank you so much for this web site please keep me posted of any new info you post thanks. one question i have is i have struggled with gluttony and the temperance my boyfriend struggles with lust huge issue how do we break free i see them tied together. oh yea and like i dont care attitude wow how do we break free

Hi, thanks for writing!

To break free is a great way to look at it. The deadly sins hold us back from true freedom. Just as it took the Civil War for the United States to break free of slavery, so the suffering, death and resurrection of Christ is required to break free of the slavery of the flesh, whether gluttony or lust. The only freedom is to claim the gifts of God, and begin to walk in His way. Rather than trying to be good, just accept that God offers His infinite power at every moment, and all we need to do is accept it. To sin is to fight against God, so it should be easier to be good than sin, but we have developed habits. For both gluttony and lust, fasting is helpful, and so in every action consider first whether it is pleasing to God, then act accordingly with joy and gratitude.

For gluttony, it may be helpful to remember that consuming more than needed really does take it away from those who need it. By the laws of supply and demand, our unnecessary consumption drives the price of food higher, beyond the level the poor can afford. It can be overcome if our love for God is greater than our love of pleasure.

For lust, it is a great deadener, an anesthetic for the mind and soul, so that over time the conscience goes to sleep in other areas as well. Love and marriage are diminshed in the mind, and we become more like dumb animals, unable to control our urges. Certainly, porn is a problem, and masturbation, but many couples have become quite comfortable with sexual behavior outside marriage, and not only intercourse. There should be no genital contact between unmarried persons, certainly, and any attempts to control lust without quitting the most obvious behaviors will end in failure.

It is so easy to put other things before following Jesus and living eternal life now. We are called to live like Jesus, and keeping our eyes on him is the best defense against sin. Please write anytime, and I will remember you in my prayers today. May you be abundantly successful in finding true freedom in Christ today.



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