September 22, 2009

Information Night

This Friday night, R.C.I.A. will be hosting “Information Night.”


We are inviting people that may be interested in becoming Catholics.  You may have seen the baptisms at the Easter Vigils, or you may even know some of our newest members.


In the early Church, people became Christians because of what they saw.  A Roman historian remarked, “See how these Christians love one other!”  Pagans saw Christians endure torture, wild beasts and death rather than deny that Jesus is the Lord.  Many people came to faith through their example.


Today, we don’t have to face the lions to be witnesses that draw people to Christ.  By our honesty, fair judgement and truthfulness in all that we do (by imitating Jesus), we can bear witness to the Gospel.  We also need to speak up sometimes, and invite our friends, co-workers, in-laws and others to “Come and See,” as Jesus invited some of the first disciples.


I’ve seen the change in people that come to follow Jesus in the Church.  In R.C.I.A. we see people freed from the bondage of sin, we see marriages strengthened, bad habits lost, and we see people starting new lives.  And, of course, I’ve seen firsthand what God has done for me since I converted 28 years ago.


There are people all around us that desire the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit.  They just haven’t found a door into the Church yet, and that’s our job.  If someone has been asking questions about the Church, or about your faith, now is the time to invite them.  The details on Information Night are in the bulletin.


You might ask, “what about people that are already Catholic but have fallen away?”  Watch the bulletin for “Welcome Home.”  Our brothers and sisters working on that will be helping us to seek out the lost members of the Body of Christ.  It will be later this month.


Thank you!

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