September 22, 2009

Is Christian Baptism for you?

Is Christian Baptism for you?


Take this easy test to find out!




1.   What is the most important part of being human?

      A)  We are created as children of God.

      B)  Being a good citizen.

      C)  Having a successful career.

      D)  Having fun.


2.   I think about the afterlife:

      A)  Frequently, with interest.

      B)  Casually.

      C)  When I’m in trouble.

      D)  No interest.


3.   Something is good if:

      A)  It’s God’s will.

      B)  It’s legal.

      C)  It means well.

      D)  No one gets hurt.


4.   God is best described as:

      A)  A heavenly Father.

      B)  Providence.

      C)  Universal Consciousness.

      D)  Unimportant.


5.   I pray:

      A)  To draw close to God.

      B)  To be polite.

      C)  To the God within me.

      D)  Just in case…


6.   The Church is:

      A)  The Body of Christ.

      B)  A religious institution.

      C)  A good habit.

      D)  Ancient history.


7.   A Christian is:

      A)  A follower of Jesus.

      B)  Someone who goes to church.

      C)  A good person.

      D)  A fundamentalist.


8.   Baptism is:

      A)  Death of an old life; sacrament of new birth.

      B)  A nice tradition.

      C)  A part of choosing a church.

      D)  A ritual.



Now, let’s see how you did!




 If most of your answers were:


A)  Hey, you’re a prime candidate for Christian Baptism!


B)  You fit in well everywhere and are politically correct.


C)  You have what is takes for worldly success.


D)  Enjoy life (while you can).

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