September 5, 2000

Media Resources for Christians

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of media, but it lists a few things that we feel can contribute to the care and feeding of Christians… Books not included here…


The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – A Wonderworks movie, and its sequels.

A Man for All Seasons – There are two, we recommend both. (The newer version)

The Music Box – A short film, check your local Christian bookstore.


Even though we love music and enjoy listening to these performers/bands, our musical brothers and sisters do not always stay on the straight road when they aren’t singing. Sometimes their music may even have doctrinal errors. Anyway, here are some of the musicians that we enjoy. When time permits, we might list albums… There are links to their sites, and like we said, they may sometimes espouse some very weird, even cultish things… Nobody’s perfect… except the Lord. – Vatican MP3!!

And here is some more on-line music

CrossWalk (the band) – Orange County – MP3 on the site. Sounds great. It’s pretty cool to have even met people that sing and play like this.

New King Hawley – Orange County – Ditto here, but music is samples only, RealAudio format. Words fail to express my admiration.

Bob Bennett (another site, too)– Check out “The Best”, “Co-dependent Love”, serious and funny songs. Good for prayer.

John Michael Talbot – Beautiful harmonies, used to be in Mason Proffit. Prayer and meditation.

Randy Stonehill – I hope you have a sense of humour!

Larry Norman – ditto, and you had better like garage bands, too!

Keith Green – Some good music for prayer… or repentance.

Phil Keaggy – Righteous guitar playing!

Benny Hester – Great words and feeling. “Nobody loves me like You do.”

The Ziggens – Like a Christian version of Weird Al, but some serious songs…

Newsboys – My eldest daughter likes them.

Geoff Moore and the Distance – “Home Run” – Cool title song.

The Christian Music Exchange – Haven’t tried it, but it keeps showing up on searches…

My daughters are working on more (contemporary) recommendations, too. Until they finish, I’ll list a few of their favorites: Jars of Clay, Newsboys, Third Day, Point of Grace, Jaci Velasquez, Twila Paris, and they always get the latest “WoW” CD’s…

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