January 15, 2010

Power, Enslavement and Youth

For those of darkened intellect and weakened will, submission to government, entertainment or other social authorities is a certainty, if not actively then by default. Those who seek power over us, to shear us like sheep, want nothing more than stupid sex- and drug-addled drones to service and support them. History has shown this to be unsustainable, but evil men and women care only for their own reign with no concern for any future but their own. This is why Jesus ran afoul of the authorities of his day, and why American Catholicism, like the American experiment, is so nearly dead.

Democracy, as Theodore Roosevelt once observed, requires citizens of the highest caliber. Clear minds require clean living, and strength of will requires self denial. There is no better preparation for democracy than Christianity, which offers both in quantity and a living example in Christ and the saints. Further, the Christian is taught to consider sustainability from childhood, from the perspective that all actions are to be evaluated in terms of eternity. For each citizen to consider the effects of their actions and votes on the near and far future, to conside the impact on the whole world, is to work for real progress.

Politicians generally are about keeping their jobs, and there is no incentive for citizen improvement, or rather, their idea of citizen improvement is to keep the masses needy and greedy, fully engaged in mindless self interest, looking for the next fix, whether smoking mother nature, downing a six pack or watching TV or YouTube. Such a citizenry will never challenge congressional pork, wonder why members of congress become millionaires on relatively low pay, or wonder why billionaires are granted bailouts when they miscalculate.

What can be done? First, lay off the anasthetics: being drunk or high, having sex or buying useless possessions just clouds the mind. Ignore those who say these things are what make us human, or that only priests and monks renounce such things. As the mind clears, start to evaluate your life, and question everything. Seek the truth and love it. Deny yourself things, certainly the bad things, but also eat less. Food is good, but enough is enough. Get some exercise. Enjoy the outdoors, go to the park. Play with the children. Learn chess. Unplug from the Web. Work harder. Go to Mass faithfully, go to confession, find other people who care and spend time. It is not easy, but it is necessary. The alternative is slavery and the eventual collapse of society.


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