the seven deadly sins

Seven Deadly Sins

Here is a response to our list of the Seven Deadly Sins from bigstahl500 (emphasis mine):

“”pribe is not a one of 7. It is envy. Pride is a virtue. One takes pride in life, career,children and anything that keeps the human race moving . Do you take pride in this web site? Or is that a deadly sin? Envy, not pride. way to go whith being stupid…Miss Quote more…Top 3 Google sites wow ignorens is bliss..””

We hardly know where to begin, but we can definitely point to this as an example of what the country, if not civilization, is coming to. It is so sad, and this person clearly has no clue to their own ignorance. It would be fine if they simply disagreed with Pope St. Gregory the Great, but they actually believe every site that includes Pride as one of the Seven Deadly Sins is misquoting (Miss Quoting?) the source (Gregory’s Moralia in Job). Oh well.

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