September 5, 2009

The Chapel

Welcome to the chapel. This is a place for contemplation, primarily of the Passion of Christ and its relevance to our own lives. There is not much else to say. We are simply called to take up our cross and follow Jesus. He has shown the way; we are now to follow his path.

The focus here tends to be on the sufferings and humanity of Jesus. Yes, he is Lord, the King of Kings, and yes, he reigns forever, never to suffer again. But there was no way to his Glory save by the Way of the Cross. We cannot pass ’round Calvary to meet Jesus on the other side. He had to pass through his cross and so must we.


These meditations are made to be prayed, not just read.

First Meditation – “A Meditation on the Cross for the Comfortable

Second Meditation – “Raw Material

Third Meditation – “Please Finish the Work

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