September 22, 2009

The Secrets of God

The secrets of God are too precious to be sold cheaply,
with common coin,
iron, lead and tin.
Public auctions with loud bidding
and carnival sounds,
dead fish in dirty bags,
cheap trinkets soon forgotten.
The secrets of God can only be purchased with
the coin of the realm,
copper mined from the depths,
cut from the vein by violence,
glistening in the Sun.
Shining silver falls
squeezed and refined
rising from the deep
like a spring.
Rare gold is best,
precious and hard to find.
Never rooted in the earth,
but mined in mingled hearts,
refined slowly
amid acid and water
till it is all that remains.
Never tarnished, never failing,
perfect coin for eternal love.

William E. Rushman, October 2001

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