September 17, 2016

We still don’t believe

‚ÄčImagine someone swinging an object around on a string. It makes a circle and what direction will it go if the person lets go? Don’t most people think the object will fly directly away from the center? 

A person with knowledge of physics knows it will travel in a less intuitive way. But even knowing Newton’s laws of motion, many still expect the object to move directly away. 

If we can fail to grasp a simple physical thing, how much harder to understand the spiritual? It’s so easy to get it wrong and yet be so sure. 

Even with a knowledge of the rules, classes, hearing it explained. 

This video on the centripetal vs centrifugal forces is the best I’ve ever seen. 

But at the end, you may still not believe it even though it is true. Just like so much of life. 

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