September 22, 2009

Why this site?

What Prompted Us To Create This Site?

In a paper read by C.S. Lewis to the Carmathen Conference for Youth Leaders and Junior Clergy in 1945 (Easter), he talks about what sort of books will do the most good. After urging his listeners to study science more so they can counter arguments against Christianity based on false science, he further suggests that qualified Christians write books on scientific subjects (which I think would include computers and electronics). An excerpt:

“I believe that any Christian who is qualified to write a good popular book on any science may do much more by that than by any directly apologetic work… What we want is not more little books about Christianity, but more little books by Christians on other subjects – with their Christianity latent. [A materialist] would be troubled if, whenever he wanted a cheap popular introduction to some science, the best work on the market was always by a Christian.”

The complete text may be found in “God in the Dock,” by C.S. Lewis, Eerdmans Publishing Co. 1994, edited by Walter Hooper. I highly recommend just about anything written by Lewis and the biography by Hooper and Green.

As Christians, we try to do our best to trouble everyone that doesn’t believe. This means we want to make people question their assumptions about how life works. Most people hold beliefs and values that don’t work and cause a lot of pain for everyone. The Church stands as a witness that there is another Way.

Before I began to really try to follow Christ (as an adult), my thinking was much more muddled than now. Once Jesus began to work on me in earnest, I found that almost everything became clearer (from a technical perspective as well as philosophical). I went back to school at night and found that I could earn A’s in almost anything, with the help of God. At work, I’ve been blessed with more success (technically and financially) than one would expect from my background. I attribute this success to God working in my life through faith in Jesus Christ. It shouldn’t be surprising that Christians would do well in science because we constantly converse with God, who knows it all!

Anyway, whether or not you are a Christian, these pages are for you. If I can help you with a technical question, well and good. If these pages bring you closer to God, better!
Update: we long since separated the technical pages as I moved into other work, but kept this page for historical value.

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